An indictment has been filed against three residents of Rehovot and Jerusalem for arson and sabotage offenses

The Jerusalem District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) today (Monday) filed indictments in the city district court against Natan Azaria (36), David Crispin (36) and Yaakov Salman (31), residents of Rehovot and Jerusalem, after they set fire to vehicles of her family members. Of one of their ex-spouses and tried to set fire to another person’s vehicles – each according to his share.

According to the indictments, filed through Adv"D. Rinat Ben Yaakov, two of the defendants set fire, on several occasions and in return for payment, vehicles of the family of the ex-spouse of another defendant, in order to motivate her to testify in the trial against him these days. In addition, they tried to set fire to another person’s vehicle.

The indictments attribute to the defendants (each according to his part) committing offenses of attempted solicitation for arson, attempted solicitation for malicious damage, aggravated arson, intentional sabotage of vehicle, malicious damage, dismissal of testimony, arson, attempted arson, attempted sabotage of vehicle and attempted solicitation for threats. The prosecution is asking the court to order the detention of the defendants until the end of the legal proceedings against them.

Illustration. Photo: pixabay

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