Approved in the Knesset: Easing additional income tests on IDF disabled people"For the purpose of receiving a benefit

The Knesset plenum approved today (Monday) in the first reading, the Disability Bill. Attached to the government proposal was a private proposal from Ha"About Ofir Katz from the Likud faction. 21 Knesset members supported without opponents and the proposal will be forwarded to the Labor and Welfare Committee.

The bill proposes, as a temporary provision for one year, to facilitate the income tests applicable to IDF disabled people"For those who are paid living benefits – consumed benefits, unpaid benefits and a special supplement due to early retirement. In addition to the aforesaid, it is proposed to give the Rehabilitation Division the authority to receive from the Tax Authority information on the income from work of the disabled in relation to the disabled who are entitled to benefits paid in accordance with the income test. This provision is proposed as a standing order as of December 31, 2002 (the Minister of Defense, after consultation with the Minister of Finance, may set an earlier date in the order).

The explanatory memorandum to the private offer reads: "Disabled"Those who have lost their ability to earn a living due to their disability are entitled to various subsistence benefits, subject to an income test. Under existing law, when a disabled person receives income from other sources (for example: an annuity from the National Insurance Institute or income from property ownership), his additional income is deducted from the living allowance paid to him. In fact, the income test prevents IDF disabled people"They need to receive additional income from another source but at the cost of offsetting all or part of their income from the benefit paid to them. That is, the disabled"Recipients of living allowances are forced to make do with a very limited living budget, and are unable to increase their income beyond a certain amount."

In addition, the explanatory memorandum states: "The income test is illogical because if the disabled person had not been injured and lost his ability to earn a living on his own, his current income would have included both his income from work and the income from other sources to which he is entitled. Additional income of a person, and in particular of a disabled person"To, should not be used as a substitute for his basic income."

Defense Minister Bnei Gantz: "The amendment that the Ministry of Defense wants to promote today in cooperation with the Disabled People’s Organization"Will lead to a revolutionary change in income tests. It will significantly facilitate the ability of the disabled"To receive benefits, enter the employment market and improve their rehabilitation, while reducing bureaucracy. The amendment to the law is a reality for thousands of disabled people"To and is a milestone in reform "One soul" Which we are promoting in the last year and which has been budgeted within the state budget by the current government and even before that by the previous government in a dedicated budget. "One soul" It is a reform that aims to give back and support those who sacrificed their bodies and souls for the sake of national security. This is a reform that has a significant social statement and also has a security need of maintaining the ethos of service."

Ha"Katz: “The time has come for IDF disabled people to stop persecuting the state in order to receive what they deserve, and it is time for the state to start persecuting them and giving it to them. He who has sacrificed for the sake of the state, deserves to live his life with dignity. Congratulates Defense Minister Ganz on advancing the issue. “

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Danny Shem Tov

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