‘Carmel’ storm: Yad Sara’s emergency hotline is intensified and is being held to help the elderly

Emergency call volunteers have contacted many seniors over the past day to make sure they are ready for the winter system. In a number of cases, volunteer professionals in collaboration with Midrag jumped in to make urgent repairs.

A volunteer at the Relief Center called Ms. Y."I (74) from Rishon Lezion. The conversation revealed that the lady who lives alone, walks around her house and sleeps while wearing a coat, since the air conditioner in her house is not working and she is shivering. A contact was immediately made with a technician who came to her home, replaced the faulty compressor with a new one and repaired the air conditioner.

Also Mrs. L."(73) Jerusalem requested urgent assistance, as the water heating boiler did not work, leaving her without hot water. A technician was also called to her who arrived quickly and repaired the fault.

Moshe Cohen, CEO"To Yad Sara: "Yad Sara’s emergency and assistance volunteer system is on alert and ready to provide assistance to any applicant. I call on each and every one of the citizens, to make sure that the elderly neighbors and family members are ready for winter, and that their house has a Yad Sarah fall sensor. Together we will save lives and go through the winter in peace".

Yad Sarah Medical Emergency Center 6447 *

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