Cop"H. General: In the last week, there has been a 30% increase in immunization among ages 5-11

Clalit Health Fund updated today (Monday) that in the last week there has been a 30% increase in immunization among ages 5-11, so far Clalit has vaccinated about 73,000 children in this age group. An increase of about 25% was also recorded among the recipients of the first vaccine dose and the booster dose.

According to Ruth Baruch, director of the Corona immunization campaign at Clalit and head of the community’s nursing department: “The moderate increase in the number of vaccinated is encouraging, but it is still not enough. There are many who have not yet been vaccinated or those who have not yet completed the third vaccine dose. The fear of a widespread outbreak of the omicron strain in Israel is tangible. Steps can still be taken to ensure protection by raising the immunization rate of the population. The jump recorded today in the number of newly verified, over 1,000 new cases, is alarming. I call on everyone who has not yet been vaccinated – children, young people, adults and anyone who has not yet completed the booster dose – to come and get vaccinated early. The vaccine provides protection against a serious illness, the vaccine is a tool that ensures the continued activity of the economy and maintaining a routine".

archives. Photo: Spokeswoman Med"A

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