Crimea Minister Movement: "Calls to open an investigation against H."As Semtorich for the rebellion and violation of the law"

In the Crimean Minister movement, through its power bar Adv"D. Gonen Ben Yitzhak, called today (Monday) to open an investigation against H."As Bezalel Smetorich for rebellion and breaking the law. A letter sent on behalf of the movement states, among other things, that " H"As Smutrich today called for a radio program on Network B for people to break the law and reach the Chumash. He himself arrived at the Chumash last night in violation of the law."

Also reported: "Chumash by law is not part of the State of Israel, and in any case Smutrich’s immunity does not stand up to it", And that he called for a public call for people to come to the Chumash – contrary to the IDF guidelines"To and the government".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz / Danny Shem Tov

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