D"R. Alrei Price: "The adhesion speed of the omicron is 4-3 times that of the delta"

Head of Public Health Services, d"Rabbi Sharon Elrai Price, said today (Monday) to the Health and Constitution Committees that "In South Africa it is seen that mortality and hospitalization are probably less 50% -60% than in the corresponding period in the Delta, but it is not segmented according to the state of recovery or the state of vaccines when about 45% of the elderly population there is vaccinated. We know that the population there according to a very high percentage is recovering, according to their surveys between 70-50% they have antibodies that show a disease in the past. We see that compared to previous waves (Delta and Alpha) there is less mortality from hospitalization. There is an increase in hospitalizations there that was initially exponential, but there are signs of a slowdown".

Referring to comparisons with South Africa she said that there "The population is very young and in Israel there is twice as much an older population. In addition to Dera"There is a greater rate of recovery – but from there we can not take an indication of the effect of omicron in recovery because they recover because of serological and then do not know when they recover.

Comparing Omicron to the rest of the waves, it can be seen that the Omicron rises much faster than all the waves, including the positive tests that skyrocket meteorically. The hospitalizations in the same wave are still high, but less so relative to the rapid jump in cases. There is excess mortality in this wave as well, but less than what we have seen in previous waves. The problem is when there is something about"As contagious in the form of approx"About faster and recovering people are not really protected from it, two vaccinated people are less vaccinated and the booster protects by 75% instead of 95%. The people who can be infected are more numerous and when there are such large amounts that can be infected quickly, even if the violence of the virus is lower, so that in the end it is lower, it must be one-fifth lower than the Delta variant so we can say "Okay he can spread, there will be no more serious illness here than in the Delta variant". Eventually he has to reduce his violence to 20% for it to be okay. It’s enough that it’s only half as violent because of the massive infection in the end there will be far fewer seriously ill people in hospitals".

"Referring to data from England she said that "We already have preliminary data – two"H of Imperial College shows that there is no evidence that Omicron causes at least Delta hospitalizations while the risk of re-infection is 5 times that of Delta. We also learn there that recovery from the omicron provides only 19% protection against re-infection and that a 3-dose Pfizer vaccine is 80% -55% beneficial against symptomatic infection of the omicron. It has also been proven in England that the chance of a housemate with Omicron infecting another housemate is 3 times higher than that of the Delta. A report by the PHE (British Public Health Organization, RG) shows that the protection of vaccinated people in two doses has dropped to 35% and of three doses to 75% instead of the 95% that is in front of the delta".

She further said that "It is seen that even today when there is still no serious illness, in England there is a shortage of ambulances and staff members go into isolation and the medical service is damaged. Across Europe there is a significant closure of borders and unbundled entry bans. In England a closure is being considered after Christmas, in the Netherlands there is a closure that continues until after Christmas, in Denmark there is a closure of houses"S., places of entertainment and more.

D" Elrai Price explained that "Until two more weeks we will not necessarily know that the virus is less deadly. Today it seems that the ability of the virus in laboratory conditions is that it can not produce damage to lung cells but it is in laboratory conditions and not in the human body – this is an explanation why it is also identified as a milder variant. In addition, also in Dera"In Europe, too, most infections are in the young and now it is only beginning to spread to adults – in just two weeks we will be able to see the extent of the serious illness and mortality.".

archives. Photo: Shmulik Grossman, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

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