For the first time: a military secretary was appointed president

In a historic decision, President Yitzhak Herzog decided today (Monday) to appoint Colonel N. as the military secretary to the president and raise her to the rank of brigadier general. This is part of the orderly placement procedure and in coordination with Defense Minister Bnei Gantz and Chief of General Staff, Major General Aviv Kochavi.

Colonel N. will replace Brigadier General Ala Abu Rochen, who has been in this position for the past three years. N. serves in the swamp"For 22 years and currently serves as the intelligence officer of the Central Command for about a year and a half. She has held a number of command positions in the field and at the headquarters of the Intelligence Division over the years. 40 years old, resident of the center of the country, married and mother of two children, with degrees in the history of the Middle East.

President Yitzhak Herzog: “I congratulate Al"M. N. on her appointment and I am confident that she will be a welcome addition to my team of advisers and advisers, and that her professional and human skills will carry great value to the Presidency,"To and to the entire State of Israel. Glass ceilings shatter every day in Israel, and I am proud that during my tenure at the President’s House, another one shattered by a promising and worthy officer. I want to thank the cell"To Ala Abu Rochen for his dedicated service at the President’s House and for his significant contribution to the IDF and the State of Israel.

Photo: IDF Spokesman"To

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