For the first time: two women will officiate the beacon ceremony on the eve of Israel’s 74th Independence Day

Hila Korach and Almaz Mengistu were chosen to lead the traditional beacon lighting ceremony that will open the 74th Independence Day celebrations for the State of Israel. The state ceremony, which will be led by two women for the first time in its history, will be held on Mount Herzl on Wednesday, May 4, 2022, and this year will be marked by “Yad Meets Yad Ahot.”

Hila Korach – journalist, news presenter and doctor. Almaz Mengistu – media woman and news presenter. The two together and each in her professional and social work, represent the beautiful face of Israeli society and the variety of voices, people and talents in it. At this year’s ceremony, special emphasis will be placed on citizenship and citizens who represent and promote Israeli society to be better, among other things in the areas of accessibility and equal opportunities for people with disabilities.

US"Ministerial Committee on Symbols and Ceremonies Minister Chili Trooper: "I welcome the choice of Hila Korach and Elmez Mengistu to lead the beacon ceremony. In their way and work, they represent the good that is in Israeli society, and I am convinced that they will lead a stately and dignified ceremony to the glory of the State of Israel.".

Moshik Aviv, director of the Vio Information Center"The public committee for the selection of beacon peaks said: "The process of formulating the selection of artists and facilitators for the beacon lighting ceremony is in full swing and we see great importance in selecting two worthy facilitators and appropriate to the state character of this important ceremony.".

On the 74th Independence Day, the State of Israel will salute citizenship and citizens who make an extraordinary contribution to building a better Israeli society and who work for an inclusive society, build communities and create connections, promote equality of opportunity, closeness of hearts and Israeli unity.

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