Minister Kahana: "It is time to win the battle for the Jewish image of the State of Israel"

The Minister of Religious Affairs, Matan Kahana, attended a conference at Bar Ilan University today (Monday) under the title "Conflict resolution in the shadow of the democratic challenge".

The Minister opened his remarks and said: "These are significant days for the Jewish identity of the State of Israel as the state of the Jewish people. I am today in one of the most important, central and significant roles I have held in my life. No less than a fighter in a tech patrol"To, fighter pilot or squadron commander."

The Minister added: "Unfortunately, when it comes to religious and state relations in Israel, there has been a deep and broad concept for years, with one title: "All or Nothing". Her followers believe that a bitter war should be declared for any change in the status quo. By all means and by all means. They are not willing to explore any channel of change required or reaching agreements. One of the ultra-Orthodox Knesset members once told me: "We fight for every millimeter of the status quo and leave to the crutch"The rest". This path, which Israeli governments have adopted due to political circumstances for years, has led to a tremendous erosion in the Jewish identity of the state, because the vast void left by this policy has been filled by courts and organizations whose main purpose was not necessarily to preserve the state’s Jewish identity."

"Another price we paid for these religious wars is no less heavy. Instead of Judaism being the factor that unites us all as it should be, it has become the focus of rift and quarrels among the people. Only through dialogue and broad agreements can we both strengthen the Jewish identity of the state and mend the rifts caused over the years. It is time to win the battle for the Jewish image of the State of Israel. With God’s help, I will continue to strive to sanctify the name of heaven, to multiply Judaism and to do so with understanding and broad agreement." Kahana finished his remarks.

Photo: Danny Shem Tov. Knesset Spokeswoman

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