s a l e "Hot contact": The Ashdod municipality is taking care of the senior citizens in a storm

The Ashdod municipality launched an operation "Hot contact", In which the administrative staff make contact with the senior citizens of the city who are at risk, and check whether they have everything that is necessary to get through the storm in peace.

Mayor Dr. Yehiel Lasri: "Starting this morning and in the coming days, the manager’s employees will hold talks with more than 2,500 senior citizens in Ashdod who are defined as at a very high level of risk. They ask about their safety and health, check if they have heating, food and blankets and if necessary also come to their home with the missing equipment. Thank you to Ms. Ronit Tzur, Head of the Social Services Directorate at the Municipality, who is leading this beautiful activity together with the Directorate staff, in parallel with the amazing initiatives of residents who care for the elderly in the city. I congratulate and thank them for that, and call on all of you, if you have not yet checked for the safety of your older neighbors, for the safety of your parents and grandparents – do it now. Winter days, and especially stormy days like today, can be difficult days for those who live alone. Please, take an interest in their well-being, treat them to hot soup and a hot conversation, it will warm them and their hearts."

Photo: Ashdod Municipality

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