Suspicion: A resident of the Occupied Territories sent tens of thousands of phishing-graph messages to his pocket, tens of thousands of shekels"H

In the cyber unit at Blade 433, an undercover investigation has been underway in recent months. "Your package stopped at customs, you need to pay to release it"Attached to the message is a link that led the citizen to the website of the website of the Israel Post, where the citizen is required to pay hundreds of shekels using his credit card information."M who can supposedly release the package that awaits him.

According to the suspicion, an Israeli citizen living in the Occupied Territories distributed the messages, in order to deceive innocent citizens and make them pay about 300 shekels"H per package, when the same payment is converted into digital coins in order to obscure the traces of his criminal actions.

It also emerged that the suspect pocketed tens of thousands of shekels using the fraud method, when during the period in which he acted, he managed to get dozens of citizens to enter the credit card details and pay for a package that does not exist on the postal website.

As stated, in strenuous activity in front of bodies abroad"And in cooperation with the credit companies, the cyber unit managed to track down the suspect’s actions and by technological means located the virtual wallets in which the money was allegedly kept.

This morning (Monday) with the transition to an open interrogation, the suspect was arrested in the village of Saverha in the territories and brought for interrogation at the unit’s offices. During the arrest, a search was made of his home and digital volumes were seized.

The investigation is being conducted by the Israel Police and accompanied by the Cyber ​​Department of the State Attorney’s Office.

To the extent required, the suspect will be brought today for a hearing on a request to extend his detention in the Magistrate’s Court in Rishon Lezion"צ.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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