The deadliest typhoon in the Philippines: The death toll has skyrocketed to 375 people

The death toll from the strongest typhoon that hit the Philippines this year rose today (Monday) to 375 people, with more than 50 others still missing. Several major districts are still dealing with communications malfunctions and power outages and begging for food and water, the AP news agency was told by officials.

In its power, the typhoon "Sight" Contained winds at a speed of 195 k"M (121 miles) per hour with gusts of up to 270 km"S. (168 km"Q) Before heading to the South China Sea on Friday.

The number of casualties may increase as a number of towns and villages were left out of their reach due to a malfunction in communications and power outages, although massive cleaning and repair efforts have been made.

Many were killed by falling trees and collapsing walls, floods and landslides. A 57-year-old man was found dead hanging from a tree branch and a woman was blown up and died in Negros Occidental district, police said.

Photo: AP Photo / Jilson Tiu
Photo: Office of the Vice President via AP

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