The Movement for Quality of Government Against a Plea Deal with Aryeh Deri: "The hallucinatory plea arrangement and stick, we will appeal to the High Court

The Movement for the Quality of Government recently (Monday) responded to the report that a plea deal was being forged with Ha"As Aryeh Deri, in which he will confess to tax offenses and resign from the Knesset, this without disgrace.

"It is not possible for a public figure who has committed such offenses to be able to return to public office in the future. We call on the Attorney General to reconsider the plea deal. The draft deal does not add respect to the legislature but mostly embarrassment". Delivered from traffic.

Chairman of the Movement for the Quality of Government, Adv. Eliad Shraga:"That Avichai Mandelblit will sign the delusional, sticky, unreasonable and disproportionate plea bargain, lacking a moral and legal infrastructure – the movement will petition"ץ. It is inconceivable that a person convicted of crimes, offenses involving dishonor, bribery and breach of trust, sat in jail for 3 years, returned to the public arena without expressing remorse – and worse for the role of interior minister, the role in which he committed the offenses. It could not be bored"That he would sign a plea deal so lenient, after he himself withdrew the investigation for five years and erased the offense of bribery. This is really not the way to fight government corruption. ‘

Former security personnel and the Movement for Quality of Government are pushing for the establishment of a commission of inquiry into the submarine affair
Photo: The Movement for the Quality of Government

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