The President hosted sons and daughters of a mitzvah who were injured in hostilities at a festive event at the President’s House

Today (Monday), President Yitzhak Herzog and his wife Michal hosted about 50 girls and members of the mitzvah victims of hostilities in a festive event at the President’s House. This year, the event was moderated by Gal Gvaram and featured singer Dudu Aharon. The Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen, Hugh, also participated in the ceremony"R. Organization of Victims of Hostilities, Ivy Moses and CEO"To the Social Security Meir Spiegel. The Bar and Bat Mitzvah celebrations have been held by the organization of victims of hostilities for children for 19 years.

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

The President opened his remarks and said: "In the life of each and every one of us there are significant moments, those that can change course, those that can also shape identity. Bat and Bar Mitzvahs are just such a moment – a moment of joining the community, a moment of moving from childhood to adulthood, a moment of taking responsibility and most importantly – a moment when the power of the family is expressed," The President added and addressed the celebrants and said: "You, each and every one of you had one more moment like this. A scarring moment, in which the path suddenly changed, and without your request you entered a world with pain – yours and your loved ones, a world with incessant moments of difficulty and challenge, but no less – a world of discovery of strength and psychic powers. And just as the rehabilitation you went through and are still going through with real heroism, and that your family members went through, so too the stage of adolescence, where you are now, is a process."

At the end of his speech, the president thanked the activists of the organization and said: "I would like to take this opportunity to thank the facts and employees of the organization of victims of hostilities led by dear Ivy Moses, for their important work in accompanying, helping and building your common community; To Social Security headed by the CEO"To Meir Spiegler, for the support and accompaniment without which it is impossible; And to your families who inspire us all and give us strength and power. And most of all I want to greet you with a good sign and good luck, and thank you for allowing me to share in your joy. I wish you to continue, grow and develop in health and happiness, and to know that we are all with you and very proud of you. Mazel Tov!"

Photo: Kobi Gideon / GPO

In August 2018, Yair played in the playground in the city of Sderot, where he lives when a rocket was launched at the scene. Yair experienced severe trauma and was recognized as a victim of hostilities. Yair shared the event and said: "Since that incident my life has changed, from a normal kid who wants to go out and play today I am afraid to go out and spend most of my time at home. Similar noises are stressful and scare me that everything will come back. The meaning of Gil Bar and Bat Mitzvah is to join and be another link in this amazing chain called the people of Israel. Terrorism will not defeat us and this event is an expression of the power of our forces to deal with anxiety and fear."

Minister of Welfare and Social Security, Meir Cohen: "I thank President Yitzhak Herzog and his wife for inviting me to this exciting event, I am very happy to be here today with brides and grooms and their families at this significant moment in their lives, I find it a pleasant duty to greet you brides and grooms, in a life full of happiness and self-fulfillment."

US"R. Organization of Victims of Hostilities, Ivy Moses: "Mr. President, In these days when another wave of terror is hitting the citizens of the country, the event here at the President’s House and the joy of the children of the Bar and Bat Mitzvah are the testimony to the victory of Israel over terrorism. My only request is that the State of Israel know how to embrace and support the bereaved and wounded families, even when the headlines change, because someone like me knows that the wounds of terrorism never freeze."

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