The widow of Yehuda Dimentman z"To: "Demolition of the Chumash Yeshiva after Shiva – a play on the feelings of a mourning family"

After 16 years of activity, precisely after the murder of Yeshiva Chumash student Yehuda Dimentman, it was decided to demolish the yeshiva. This is what the widow of the murdered person, Etty Dimentman, said today (Monday)"To: "Unfortunately, I learned that the Chumash was about to be destroyed" She said in tears "Playing in a family that sits seven as if we were dolls, playing without emotion."

Etia addressed the Prime Minister: "Bennett, you grew up on the values ​​of Torah and morality, and Judah was a man of justice. It seems like a small thing to ask for the yeshiva to remain in the Chumash but it is something big that has to do with redemption. On Thursday we will go up to the tomb and from there we will walk back to the Chumash.

"We invite all the people of Israel to walk with us, come walk with me and with David and with the whole family. Whoever builds the Chumash will not regret it", The widow added.

Judah’s father Hi"D., Rabbi Mordechai Dimentman, also called on the public to join the family march and Yeshiva Chumash and demand not to destroy the yeshiva:

"Judah will not return to us", The bereaved father continued. "Our consolation is only if his blood is not shed in vain. If God and Shalom evacuate the yeshiva, his blood will be emptied and we will feel harmed. We will be comforted only in the Chumash building. From the cemetery we will not return to our house, we will go to the place of the murder and to the yeshiva where Yehuda was in his last hours. I call on the general public – come with us"

Rosh Yeshivat Chumash Rabbi Elishama Cohen told the media: "We know that a decision was made to destroy the Chumash, including assessments by the military echelon and security forces at the scene. 15 years since we were uprooted from there, 15 years in which we used to respect everyone and did no harm to man and only spread light and Torah in the name of all Israel. Judah loved Chumash in every vein of his soul. Judah was full of light and goodness. We are at this time shocked and shocked by the decision to demolish the yeshiva and uproot it and give a reward to the murderers and give a reward to terrorism", Added the Rosh Yeshiva.

After saying this, the head of the Samaria Regional Council, Yossi Dagan, said: "We know that probably this government without discussing without deciding, made a practical decision to continue the trend, not in a murderous way of course, but to continue harming settlement there and instead strengthen and give the yeshiva permission, destroy the yeshiva to dust and not let the Jews stay. There is no greater reward than this for terrorism and there is no more creative reversal and moral injustice than this thing. I call on the Prime Minister and the Minister of Defense to look these precious people in the eye and look the whole people of Israel in the eye. I read and demand from the government that you learn from this family, learn from it through the land, learn from it morals, learn from it values ​​and Zionism"

"And do not dare to send a message to murderers from the Palestinian Authority that it pays to murder Jews. A decision to destroy the Yeshiva Chumash immediately after the assassination is both a moral injustice, it is both a reward for terrorism and may also produce a wave of further attacks because these cowardly terrorists are examining our reactions. I call and beg the Government of Israel please recover", Asked.

Yehuda Dimentman z"To. Photo: Courtesy of the family

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