US"The Histadrut to the Minister of Finance: "Immediate action must be taken to find solutions for aviation industry workers"

US"Histadrut Rabbi Arnon Bar-David today (Monday) addressed Finance Minister Avigdor Lieberman demanding that he immediately intervene in the severe crisis plaguing the aviation industry in light of the new restrictions imposed by the state following the spread of the corona.

"In recent days we have witnessed more and more restrictions being imposed on the aviation industry, which in practice means closing the skies", Bar-David wrote in his letter to the Minister. "As a result, airlines are required to cancel flights and inform their employees that they do not have a job to provide, without this in the foreseeable future being able to return to work and operate flights.".

US"The Histadrut clarified in his letter that although the restrictions come from a health need, do not neglect the economic aspect that the situation brings with it. "We must act in parallel and find appropriate solutions that support the aviation industry that is collapsing before our eyes, after almost two very difficult years in which the companies barely survived the previous corona waves. The aviation industry cannot be abandoned and cause uncertainty and chaos".

Bar-David noted that in view of the closure of the sky, it was expected that the Ministry of Finance would work for the airlines and their employees, but this was not the case in practice. "You are required to take immediate action that will give the airlines and their employees ‘breathing air’. I am available for any discussion on the subject in order to find suitable solutions to the acute problem that has arisen", Bar-David concluded.

Photo: El Al spokeswoman

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