Yevgeny Yodshkin was sentenced to four years in prison for receiving anything fraudulently and impersonating a lawyer

The Magistrate’s Court in Be’er Sheva today (Monday) accepted the state’s position and sentenced Yevgeny Yodshkin to four years in prison for offenses of receiving anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, attempting to obtain anything fraudulently under aggravated circumstances, forgery under aggravated circumstances, using a forged document in aggravated circumstances and impersonating a lawyer. .

Yudashkin was charged with seven counts, when, among other things, impersonating a lawyer, he presented his clients with a false representation that he was representing them in the criminal proceedings against them, when in fact he was suspended and could not represent them. Moreover, many times he did nothing for the benefit of his clients, took advantage of their plight and severely violated their right to legal representation and fraudulently robbed them of a total of about 125,000 shekels."H.

According to one of the charges, Yudashkin presented a client with a false presentation, according to which the client was questioned on suspicion of large-scale fraud by the Rishon Lezion Municipality and the Rehovot Municipality, which is not true, since the client was questioned on suspicion of obtaining an academic degree."To. For the purpose of this representation, he charged a fee of NIS 52,000"H, which were transferred to Yudashkin in full in a number of installments. After the case against the client was closed for lack of evidence, Yudashkin was asked to represent the client again, this time in connection with the change in the reason for closing from lack of evidence to innocence. Yudashkin said he would take care of it, even though he was suspended, but in practice did nothing to change the reason for closing the case. This caused the client serious harm, since when the client wanted to contact another lawyer, the deadline for submitting a request to change the reason for closing the case passed.

In another case, the defendant signed a fee agreement for legal representation with a client, this when he was suspended from the Bar Association. Defendant informed her that there was no need for her to appear in court and filed a motion to adjourn the date of the hearing. Defendant wrote the request in the customer’s name and forged the customer’s signature, without her knowledge or permission.

In his ruling, the Honorable Judge Ron Sulkin writes that "According to the evidence presented, the defendant began in his mask of deception from the days of his internship. These acts continued throughout the period of his being a lawyer, and even throughout the period of his suspension and expulsion from the Bar Association for various periods, and did not cease until the indictment was filed.".

Defendant was sentenced to 48 months’ actual imprisonment, which he would begin serving immediately. In addition, he received suspended sentences and was fined NIS 75,000"And compensation for the complainants in the amount of NIS 125,000"H.

Adv"D. Daniel Gilad, Southern District Attorney’s Office (Criminal): "Defendant severely damaged public trust in attorneys and trust in the law enforcement system. Throughout the procedure, the serious harm to the complainants was evident, also from the economic side. We worked to bring justice to justice and to do justice to the complainants. The court accepted our position in full and took a hard line, in part to deter potential defendants from exploiting people’s plight and harming them in their difficult times."

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