A toddler was accidentally locked in a vehicle in Gedera and a shirt in peace p"’Friends’ volunteers

A nine-month-old baby was accidentally locked this morning (Tuesday) in a car in front of her mother and aunt, on Shapira Street in Gedera. Daniel Halevi, director of the Central District, Bracha Hajabi and Daniel Ozeri, volunteers from the Gedera branch, responded to the call and with the equipment in their possession rescued the baby, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Daniel Halevi says: "I got out of the morning prayer and saw the emergency call. I hurried to the place, where Bracha and Daniel Ozeri had already started the opening operations. After about half a minute we were able to open the vehicle to the delight of us all. It turned out that the mother gave the key to the baby and got out of the car for a moment. The baby played with the remote and locked the vehicle while she was inside. When we handed the baby over to the mother she shed a tear of excitement and said ‘I saw you arrived a large number of volunteers within a few minutes, you really saved my girl’.
Day after day winning and rescuing a locked baby is a great sense of mission".

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the car key and not give it to children.

Photo: Friends

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