An indictment has been filed against a 24-year-old who went on a shooting spree on the streets of Taibeh and Tira

The Central District Attorney’s Office today (Tuesday) filed an indictment in the Central District Court against Mahmoud Jaber (24) from Taibeh for weapons offenses, shooting in a residential area and traffic offenses. This is after, that at the beginning of the month he went out with a stolen vehicle, to"Shooting campaign" On the streets of Taibeh and Tira.

According to the facts of the indictment filed by Adv"D. Sharon Mashaal, at the beginning of the month, the defendant received a stolen vehicle. Defendant got into the vehicle after drinking alcohol and despite being disqualified, carrying two handguns and a grenade. That night the defendant drove from place to place and fired on four occasions at various places in Taibeh and the castle, including towards residences, a business house and parked cars, causing damage to property. Defendant also threw a stun grenade toward a business, but it did not explode. In addition, the respondent with the stolen vehicle blocked the way of a bus traveling in the castle and then got out of the vehicle at the top of his body and fired in the direction of the bus and hit it, in a manner that endangered the bus driver and other users on the way.

Following reports of the various shooting incidents, police were able to locate the vehicle as he was traveling in the castle, and tried to arrest the defendant. Defendant did not respond to police calls to stop and evaded police checkpoints that were set up. Against the defendant began a prolonged chase, during which he drove against the direction of traffic, collided with a truck, "Rubbed" Mobile and more. When arrested, the defendant refused an alcohol test.

In her request for detention until the end of the proceedings, Adv"D. Mashaal: " Against the respondent a cause of arrest arose… since he proved by his actions that there is no fear of the law on him. The respondent drove the vehicle even though he knew that his driver’s license was revoked and later blatantly and dangerously escaped from the police, not obeying the police demands to stop, and even continued driving wildly after trying to stop him using barriers and shooting in the direction of the wheels."

The defendant was charged with carrying and transporting a weapon (multiple offenses), shooting in a residential area (multiple offenses), firing a firearm, endangering human life (multiple offenses), driving while disqualified (multiple offenses), drunk driving and carrying ammunition.

archives. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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