Elton John and the super celebrity (including Cat) who collaborated on the album teamed up to zoom in for a commercial

A year and a bit after the world of music was exposed to The Lockdown Sessions, Elton John’s 31st studio album, in which he collaborated with other well-known artists, such as Doa Lipa, Nicki Minaj, Damon Albern , Stevie Wend, Miley Cyrus, Lil Nas X, Stevie Knicks, Young Thag and others, all the super celebrities returned for a filmed and one-time zoom show, celebrating the upcoming new year. The album, and the documentary that documented its production, received huge exposures around the world. The reunion of old friends and the fresh clip, released by Elton John and AKQA’s Rocket Entertainment Group, includes some of the punch lines of the past two years – “You’re Silent” and also a cute cat avatar (maybe Alexander).

The video of the meeting will serve as the first ever commercial of television zooming under the title: “The Ultimate Zoom Call” and will air in January 2022.

For Zoom, who initiated the meeting, it is a celebration of the way society has enabled millions of people to continue to work, communicate and create music in the challenging conditions of the Corona plague. According to Jenin Pelosi, Zoom’s VP of Marketing, the company has helped so many people stay connected in recent times – including Elton John, who used the Zoom platform to collaborate with award-winning artists to create his latest album. “Zoom has allowed John, a world-renowned artist who has forever changed the cultural landscape, to continue to create albums, break records, lead charts and reach new fans when the world needs joy more than ever.”

"”We’ve heard so many stories from people all over the world about how Zoom keeps them connected and allows them to experience important events in their lives, when physical encounters are not an option,” says Pelosi. Zoom provides the human connection, that of the ‘face to face’ we all want in our work, which creates the ideal space for our users to work together to create and do great things. The great ‘sessions’ of John and his friends show just that…"

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