Ha"As Eichler validates: "The secular regime blocks the ultra-Orthodox from employment and impoverishes them with taxes"

Ha"Israel Eichler of the Torah Judaism Party spoke today (Tuesday) in the Knesset plenum, during a special day to mark the fight against poverty. During his speech he attacked the government several times and even said: "The secular regime blocks them from all sources of livelihood in the public sector, and when they work in the private sector it impoverishes them with taxes".

In his opening remarks, Eichler said: "I applaud this important day, sometimes forgetting about the poor, so it’s good to mention and remember and bring up this issue. It is our duty as Knesset members and representatives of the public to fight with all our might the poverty and hunger of the citizens of Israel. We know that"Poverty from the land will not cease", Will always be poor and rich. But it is the duty of those who have, to provide for those who do not. It is a human duty, and it is the difference between man and beast. Although some animals leave food for hungry animals, humans who do not let the poor live are predators. The data in Israel are very serious. Two have been published in the past"Many poverty. There was Do."H. Ha’s poverty"As General, and the Food Security Council. But the injustice done is beyond a population that has nothing to eat. The discourse has changed from a socio-social state that wants to help the poor, those who do not, immigrants and refugees and all those who have not succeeded, we have become a country that blames the poor for their poverty. This is a cruel capitalist system that began about twenty years ago".

Ha added"About Eichler: "There is a saying as if the poor are guilty of poverty. "They chose to be poor". Especially when they joined the ultra-Orthodox public, and added to it the antisemitic motif that Jews do not want to work and they prefer to live on interest and theft, at the expense of others. As if they are blackmailing and robbing the public coffers. The ultra-Orthodox are blamed as if they do not want to work, but the truth is that the secular regime blocks all sources of livelihood in the public sector, and when they work in the private sector it impoverishes them with taxes. Those who create this atmosphere are a group of stakeholders in the media and politics, people who have built many careers on this message. When they direct the fire against the ultra-Orthodox public, they hide the fact that most of the poor are not ultra-Orthodox. But it allows them to increase poverty to hurt ultra-Orthodox who do not want to work ostensibly."

"We need to point out the real problem of poverty in Israel. The former prime minister has already said this in the well-known parable of the fat and the thin. A country so small that it has such a large and fat public sector that makes a living from the small and lean private sector. There is a small population of private sector that a large part of the poor belong to this sector, and many of them support in their taxes the public sector many of which have become affluent. In the past the public sector was on a mission because salaries were low. Today they are established. Take for example the corona period, who was injured? Only the private sector small business owners collapsed and laid off workers, while the public sector continued to receive salaries as usual. Again, it is important to remember the ultra-Orthodox who are affected by the taxes more than any other population. The Minister of Welfare is well acquainted with Kamcha Depasha’s Hersh sheep, which were also wiped out with malice and malice. In the past, there were budgets of several tens of millions of shekels for holidays for those who do not have them. It was not going to go easily. Each time we had to quarrel with the Ministries of Finance and Welfare. I was once told at the Ministry of Welfare "We should not help the poor" Like that, in those words. And yet we would somehow manage to get that meager budget for baskets for the poor. Eight shekels for a basket of one hundred and fifty shekels distributed by the charities. Whereas today, that budget has been erased and is gone".

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