Ministry of Economy: Examining whether it is possible to block the import of cannabis from countries that do not allow exports

During a special committee on addictions and drugs held today (Tuesday) in the Knesset that dealt with barriers to cannabis exports for medical purposes from Israel, Lena Zeiger from the Ministry of Economy’s Foreign Trade Administration said that the ministry is examining whether it can block imports of cannabis into Israel. "There are international trade rules to which Israel is committed, including an area of ​​discrimination between countries, and on the other hand there are exceptions. We are examining whether this option is applicable".

US"R. Committee, h"Kerem Shefa, responded: "There is no intention to make a specific block for a specific country, but a significant examination of additional tools can be done".

Zeiger made the remarks in response to the VP’s call"To Tikkun Olam, Yifat Karib: "A brave decision has to be made: there are no imports without exports. If Canada closed the border to Israel, let them not come. What other industry in Israel allows unlimited imports without parallel exports? We also do not need all these quantities. The Israeli industry can produce up to 110 tons of medical cannabis per year, while consumption in Israel currently stands at only 40 tons".

To the question of Hugh"R. Committee, h"Kerem Shefa, the director of the service industries division at the Ministry of Agriculture, Haim Tagar, replied that "Basically other areas do not allow import without export".

During the hearing, the director of the medical cannabis unit at the Ministry of Health, Yuval Landshft, noted that a pilot is currently being piloted for the rapid computerized approval of job applicants in cannabis companies, which will shorten their personal and security checks.

In response, the CEO called"Sheikh Medical, Yogev Sarid, will allow companies to carry out the tests themselves in the near future. "The productivity of all of us has been significantly impaired during this waiting period"Said Sarid. H"About abundance

Landshaft further noted that the Ministry of Health has not yet adopted the manpower and vehicle standards for the purpose of expanding the activities of exporting medical cannabis from Israel.

Yael Schechter-Sitman, Coordinator of the Medical Cannabis Forum at the Manufacturers’ Association: "We go round and round while it’s clear what needs to be done: recognize cannabis as a drug of plant origin". H"About abundance: "This issue is at the heart of the debate".

Meir Ariel, CEO"For the basalt group: "Dealing with devices is irrelevant, it will not promote exports. Our market is Europe. There is no decision on who is responsible for cannabis in the State of Israel. We have to meet the European standard and Israeli regulation is not appropriate. But first we need to decide who is responsible for exports in the State of Israel? Who decides? Give authority to those who need it and do not split responsibilities".

US"R. Committee h"About Abundance announced that a further discussion on export barriers will be held in committee in two weeks.

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman – Noam Moskowitz

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