Ministry of Education: 3,671 students have been vaccinated against the corona virus so far

The Knesset’s Education, Culture and Sports Committee today (Tuesday) approved the extension of the corona regulations in educational institutions until January 9, 2022. Representatives of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Health provided data on corona morbidity in the education system at the meeting.

D"Rabbi Efrat Aflalo, Director of the Department of Education and Health Promotion at the Ministry of Health presented the data regarding verified children and adolescents: "At the age of 0-18, 683 verified people were diagnosed yesterday, which is a significant increase from last week. In the 0-18 age group, the verified rate is 1.9%. 4000 active patients aged 0-18. The number of red and orange authorities is rising. As of last Wednesday (the day when the traffic light is weighted) there are three red authorities: Maalot Tarshiha, Beitar Illit and Tiberias, and two orange authorities – Mi’ilya and Ofakim. If the education traffic light were weighted today then there would be five red education authorities: Sdot Yam, Salameh, Tzivon, Bracha and Romana, and 17 orange authorities".

She added that there is an increase in the immunity of students, schools and authorities: "155,000 vaccinated from age 5 to 11 (some already in second dose). Ages 12-15: Close to 60% protected; And ages 16-18 have 60% protection. We are of course willing to vaccinate anyone who is interested because the evidence is of very high contagion", Said d"R. Aflalo.

Arie Moore, VP"To and Director of the Senior Emergency, Security and Safety Division of the Ministry of Health: "Currently there are 3671 verified students in the education system and 295 education staffs. 25,568 isolates of which 3700 are isolated in a green class (active). Percentage of vaccinated: Sun-Fri – 25% exemption from isolation; 7-12 – 66% exemption from isolation; Education staff – 84% exemption from isolation. In all suspicion of omicron will not open a green class, and over three verified to Corona will not open the green class".

At the request of the Education Committee, the Ministry of Education presented its position regarding the departure of students for activities outside the educational institutions. According to Adv"D. Liran Spiegel, Legal Adviser at the Ministry of Education, The position of the Ministry of Education is to find out-of-school educational activities that are suitable for all students. "We will guide the schools that in choosing an extracurricular activity will find an activity that will suit all students". The position of the Ministry of Education was presented following its appeal to the Education Committee according to which a number of schools instruct unvaccinated students without a green mark to stay at home while the class conducts extracurricular activities, such as watching plays and touring museums, which requires a green mark.

Hugh further requested"R. Committee h"It is the intention of the Council for Higher Education to bring to the attention of the Education Committee a legal opinion regarding the imposition of fines on students who do not wear masks within academic institutions. "Enforcement on this issue is not straightforward and should be uniform across all academic institutions. The Student Rights Act has an obligation to conduct a proceeding before imposing a penalty on a student; Choosing a fine for those who do not wear a mask is not necessarily a proper punishment", Explained Adv"D. Tami Sela the Speaker"Shit of the Education Committee.

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