New in Rachel"C: Students will earn credit points in the degree if they adopt or serve as a foster home for cats

As part of a collaboration between the Veterinary Service of the Rishon Lezion Municipality and the Hebrew University, students will be able to adopt cats and earn credit points within the degree. Mayor, Raz Kinstlich: "A welcome initiative that will encourage and help animals".

The Veterinary Service in Rishon Lezion collaborates with the Hebrew University on a recently launched project – "Cat adoption ambassadors". As part of the collaboration, the students are integrated into the adoption system of the municipal veterinary service, headed by Avi Perry, and from the current semester they can take kittens to foster care and in return they will earn credit points for the degree. As is well known, students can also adopt dogs in municipal kennels in exchange for credit points.

Mayor Raz Kinstlich said: "The city of Rishon Lezion is known for its love and concern for animals. This great initiative joins other actions we have taken on behalf of animals. Thanks to the initiative, the animals that need it will also receive a warm and loving home and the students will also receive credit points. We will continue to initiate and act in order to encourage the residents of the city and in general to adopt animals".

D"Rabbi Tomer Nissimian, the municipality’s veterinary service doctor, added: "Students will be able to play a significant part in cats’ lives, while cats will adapt to life at home so they can find an adoptive family faster.".

Photo: Courtesy of the Rachel Municipality spokesperson"צ

As part of the project, students are required to adopt four cats, each with a separate period of time that does not exceed one month. After this period of time each cat moves into a foster family on a regular basis. The project is made possible thanks to the Social Involvement Law, under which every student in a recognized educational institution may perform 2 credit points from the degree on a voluntary basis recognized by his or her educational institution. Students register as interested, sign consent forms for all members of the household, undergo training on raising a cat and its needs and receive a cat for foster care.

As you may recall, the Rishon Lezion municipality has recently taken a series of measures for animals. A few months ago, Mayor Kinstlich decided to increase the budget for veterinary services by half a million NIS. In addition, animal feeding stations have recently been installed throughout the city and a procedure has been formulated for the care and rescue of a cat that is hidden under the hood of a vehicle.

Photo: Courtesy of the Rachel Municipality spokesperson"צ

"Adopting animals is a special experience, and I have no doubt that students will enjoy the sweet cat habitat", Said her father Perry, head of the adoption department at the veterinary service. "I am glad that the residents of Rishon Lezion are aware of this, and I invite them to consult with us about a foster home and an adoption home or anything else.".

Photo: Courtesy of the Rachel Municipality spokesperson"צ

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