Surprise in News 13: Hila Korach will replace Tamar Ish Shalom in the submission of the main edition

News presenter 13, Tamar Ish Shalom, will leave the edition after 11 years in office. Ish Shalom will present the Shabbat edition in place of Hila Korach – who will replace her in the position.

CEO"To News 13 Aviram Elad reported that "For 11 years, Tamar Ish Shalom has inspired the main edition of News 10 and then News 13. In a professional and impartial presentation, Tamar has always been a symbol of honest, critical, truth-seeking and uncompromising journalism. In her professional approach, Tamar has been and will continue to be a symbol for every journalist and news employee 13. I have no doubt that in her new role as presenter of the Shabbat edition, Tamar will continue to lead to new heights. Hila Korach, who will be presenting the main edition alongside Udi Segal, is a journalist with many and varied abilities, who brings to the screen a fascinating and unconventional presentation that manages to appeal to viewers in a different and unmediated language. I am sure that together with Udi, the main edition of News 13 under their leadership will continue to grow and flourish".

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