The duty of isolation for the vaccinated and recovering from it"L. was extended until January 7th

The Health Committee headed by h"Edith Silman today (Tuesday) approved the extension of the Public Health Order (New Corona virus) Home Insulation and various provisions, proposing to extend until January 7, 2022, the arrangement stipulating the obligation to isolate a circular that is vaccinated or recovers that did not stay in the 14 days prior to arrival To Israel in a red country to which exit is restricted.

A returnee will be able to end the isolation period if there were no symptoms and subject to receiving two negative tests, one performed upon entering Israel and the other starting from the third day of the isolation period and after at least 24 hours have passed from the date of the first test. In accordance with the fear of the introduction of the Omicron variant, it is also proposed to extend the ban on these circulars traveling on public transportation.

In his address to the committee, the CEO notes"According to the Ministry of Health, Prof. Nachman Ash"To. As of 12/19/21, 174 paved cases of the variant have been identified in Israel, with the exception of 17 cases in which it appears that it is a community infection, the vast majority of which are repeated."To or close contacts of foreign circulars"To.

Ilana Gens, head of the public health staff at the Ministry of Health, added: "We are witnessing a fairly rapid increase in morbidity, and in the coefficient of infection. The vast majority of omicron adhesives are recycled"To, although the picture may change in a short time in light of the fact that this is a very contagious variant. Therefore at this point in time we think there is room for a more stringent policy and epidemiological justification for extending the order."

Lior Gur from the Independent Forum said at the hearing: "We have come here to demand that the restrictions be imposed on pizzas for businesses that are harmed. Unfortunately the consistent policy of the Treasury is that there is no compensation."

D"R. Matan Guttman from the Bureau of Independent and Business Organizations added: "We filed a petition demanding an isolation fee for the self-employed. To date we have not seen any memorandum of law or progress on the matter. We demand that any extension that the Knesset brings is conditional on the state’s existing commitment to Beg"C, but unfortunately in the meantime we see dragging feet."

US"R. Committee h"About Edith Silman: "Yesterday we had a broad discussion of the Health Committee together with the Constitution Committee to hear about the consequences of the health reality in Israel and the preservation towards what we see in the world. There is justification for tightening the isolation restrictions according to the data available today"

The extension of the order was approved as aforesaid unanimously.

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