The father of her beloved godfather Z."To: "We demand not only justice for her loved ones but justice for all the people of Israel"

The committee is a joint committee of the Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee and the Internal Security Committee headed by H."About Meirav Ben Ari and Ha"As Ram Ben Barak, today (Monday) discussed the case of the death of her lover Godfather Z."To, killed by sea policemen"ר ש"During a police chase. The committee was formed after a proposal for Ha’s order"Itamar Ben Gvir to establish a commission of inquiry into the death of Godfather.

The debate is attended by MKs from a variety of parties, including MKs Orit Struck, Avi Maoz, Shlomo Qara, Nir Orbach, Ariel Bosso, Moshe Abutbul, Meir Porush, Simcha Rotman, Michal Waldinger and others.

During the hearing, Avraham Godfather, the father of her beloved, spoke about the character of his son: "Ahuvia is a happy and friendly curious boy, who set up a charity patrol that distributed hot soups in Gush Etzion to soldiers and police. A boy who loved the Torah, loved the Land of Israel, grazed sheep and settled it. A boy who wanted to get engaged with the choice of his heart, Flame, who was now left alone. A bone is torn from our flesh and blood from our image. Her lovers – love Israel and the people of Israel. Distributes light in its simple ways.

Later in his remarks, Godfather went on to talk about the subject of rendering. According to him, "Rendering covers the blood, but the blood is still boiling. Rendering covers honesty and justice. The role of the policeman in the people of Israel is to be honest with themselves, otherwise we would be left with a police of an inflated balloon with no influence and unruly governance. We demand not only justice for her loved ones but justice for all the people of Israel who do not sleep and such a terrible case will return. An arrow pierced our hearts when a policeman collided with our son and left him under the vehicle for 40 minutes".

"A second time an arrow is stuck in our hearts when what is at stake is a rendering of what happened there. The head of the brain"S. ordered the release of the officers without interrogation. Knesset of Israel, you elected members of the public, you must strive for honesty and justice and clean the stain over the death of our sons. Insisted that justice be served" Said Godfather at the end of his remarks.

During the hearing, h"Karam Ben Barak and attacked Godfather for his remarks allegedly made against the Israel Police. We will also note that in addition to Godfather’s family, attorneys are also present at the hearing"D. Ariel Atari et al"D. Menashe Yado of the Honno organization who represents the family.

Ha"As Avi Maoz, visited the representatives of Mach"And the police, in that they do not give answers to the questions of the H."Hand and roll the matter from one body to another "From the beginning of the story we have been engineering the consciousness, and now we continue. We Knesset members need answers in this story".

Adv"D. Ariel Atari, who represents the Godfather family on behalf of the Honno organization, said during the hearing that "So far no answer has been given as to why no check has been made as to whether there is anything under the vehicle. The job of a police officer is to approach and do this test. If they had done the test we might not have been here. Also, in the initial report the police do not say that they hit the vehicle, only after checking a traffic examiner and evidence, did they change their version".

He goes on to say"D. Atari list the problems in the treatment of the brain"That. According to him "When they reach the brain"Q. They are not charged with testimony but are released home, which is an unprecedented thing. The version that the cops come to the pit is already coordinated and different and there is a problem here. The case of her loved ones is an extreme case of what is happening in the brain today"Q, they do not like criticism. We have been waiting for more than half a year for a decision from the State Attorney, the investigation has long since ended, and we should already be making decisions and happy"Q and the State Attorney’s Office will provide answers".

The police representative also came to the hearing and surprised those present when he said "I am not involved in any details of the investigation". His remarks provoked a great deal of anger on the part of the Knesset members present in the committee for the fact that the police continue to underestimate the issue and send a representative to the hearing who has no idea in the investigation process and is willing to talk only about the demonstrations.

A position paper sent by B’Tselem states, among other things: "The youth of the hills are not criminal youth but youth who seek to do good. When the system chases the hill youth, it causes them to be pushed to the edge instead of embracing and strengthening them and even promoting their recruitment to the army."To as before. A position paper states that in the past, 93 percent of Givot youths were recruited during a special recruitment at Havat Gilad. In addition, it was argued that it is not possible that the case has been delayed and placed in the hands of the State Attorney’s Office for so long. And in the hands of the Attorney General. Justice should be seen and soon. It will be recalled that the Commissioner has already ruled that decisions must not be delayed and that decisions must be made as soon as possible."

Shay Glick CEO"B’Tselem sent a message: "Justice for her loved ones Godfather is not only justice for her loved ones but for everyone who feels that injustice has been done here. It is the duty of the system to acknowledge the injustice and the duty of the system to apologize, in addition to the duty of the State Attorney’s Office and the spokesperson"Q. Not to run away from a decision but to immediately prosecute the police officers involved in a criminal trial. We will not rest until the end of the affair."

Photo: Elazar Rieger

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