Three pharmacists were arrested on suspicion of giving expired drugs to cancer patients at home"ח רמב"M

Police arrested three pharmacists and detained a doctor for questioning on suspicion that they were involved in cases of the administration of expired oncology drugs to oncology patients at Ramb Medical Center"In Haifa.

The investigation began with complaints filed by the Ministry of Health and the employee of the place about two years ago concerning the suspicion of the provision of expired oncology drugs, the validity of which has been extended to oncology patients at Ramb Medical Center."In Haifa. The offenses continued for several years.

The police, through the Coastal District Fraud Unit together with the Ministry of Health and the Tax Authority, launched an intensive and complex investigation from which it was suspected that the dates and batch numbers of drugs transferred to the medical staff were falsified and other expired drugs .

Yesterday morning, investigators from the Hof District Fraud Division together with the Enforcement Unit at the Ministry of Health and Assessing Officer arrested two Haifa pharmacists (59 residents of Peki’in, 39 residents of Shefar’am) and detained a doctor (38, Kiryat Bialik) employed at Ramb Hospital."M. In addition, another suspect was arrested, who owns a private pharmacy (52, Majd al-Krum) on suspicion of violating the Pharmacy Law, forgery, negligent handling of drugs, receiving anything fraudulently, omitting income and intentionally managing false account books and intending to evade tax and more.

Searches of pharmacies and the owner’s home turned up books of accounts and documents linking the suspects to tax offenses.

At the request of the police, the detention of the suspects was extended this morning (Tuesday) in the Magistrate’s Court in Acre: a resident of Peki’in (59) and a resident of Shefar’am (39) until Thursday, a resident of Majd al-Krum (52) until Sunday. The investigation continues.

Photo: Police spokeswoman
Photo: Police spokeswoman

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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