Trees collapse, floods and road accidents: Carmel storm hits Jerusalem

Hundreds of Jerusalem District police officers have been working since yesterday (Monday) in the stormy weather to deal with various incidents and hazards reported in its wake. The activity is carried out after the preliminary preparations for the stormy weather in the capital have been completed, led by District Commander Superintendent Doron Turgeman, along with all the police units operating in the city, the emergency and rescue bodies, the Jerusalem Municipality and other bodies. The purpose of the activity is to provide the best service to the road users, on the roads and on the streets of cities and towns in particular, all with the aim of preserving the lives and safety of all residents, along with an optimal response to routine events and continuing the fight against crime.

Over the past day, more than 200 readings and reports of various events have been recorded following the stormy weather in Jerusalem and the surrounding area. Over 100 readings were recorded following "Natural disasters" Such as collapsing fences and trees in various places, flooding and the like. District police assisted many civilians following a number of floods near homes with no casualties. In one of the cases, on Hai Tayeb Street in Jerusalem, a tree collapsed on the roof of a car near an educational institution, and on the Mount of Olives, a fence detached a construction site and flew from the force of the winds into the construction site.

In another case, last night a report was received that there was rainwater flooding in the tunnel in the direction of Ma’ale Adumim and police officers who felt the place helped the drivers there to get out safely with their vehicle and the tunnel was closed until the flood treatment professionals finished. Note that in these cases no casualties were registered and parties were called to the scene to deal with these hazards.

Over the past day, there have been dozens of reports of traffic light failures and road accidents occurring throughout the city and its entrances. The Jerusalem District Traffic Police handled all the incidents and provided an initial response in places where traffic lights did not operate, and acted to direct traffic until the faults were rectified.

Throughout the day and tomorrow, the Jerusalem District Police will work throughout the city and nearby communities to provide the best solution for the public and road users and prevent injuries and property damage due to the stormy weather.

Emphasis and guidelines for the public and road users:

  • Information about changes in traffic arrangements can also be obtained through the National Information Center of the Israel Police, number 110. In the event of an exceptional event that requires immediate police intervention, please contact the police emergency center at number 100.

  • Access to parking lots and underground levels should be avoided during significant rainfall events. Do not enter elevators on underground levels and do not stay in parking lots.

  • Strong winds can lead to the collapse of trees, pillars, etc., as well as the flying of various objects. Any such hazard must be reported to the authorities as soon as possible, as well as tying / securing on the balconies and gardens dangerous objects that may fly as a result of the winds and lead to injury to passers-by.

  • Concentrate on driving and avoid distractions with an emphasis on using the cell phone.

  • The speed of travel should be adjusted to the road conditions, turn on traffic lights during the entire trip and drive slowly and carefully especially when there is a cold on the road due to the danger of slipping. When the road is wet, the braking distance increases. It is therefore necessary to maintain a greater distance from the vehicle in front.

  • The steering wheel must be held with both hands since entering the puddle with the vehicle, and the hidden pits p"Accumulation of water on the road – may cause a sudden deviation of the vehicle.

  • Pay attention to pedestrians. When the weather is rainy, it is more difficult to spot pedestrians and brake in time if necessary. Travel should be slowed down in residential areas and pedestrians given the right of way.

Photo: Police spokeswoman

Photo: Police spokeswoman

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