US"Histadrut: "We have provided a safety net for workers in the economy until the end of 2022"

US"Histadrut Rabbi Arnon Bar-David today (Tuesday) gave a special overview to members of the Histadrut leadership on a number of issues, including vaccines, the package deal in the economy and the minimum wage. The meeting was held in Zoom due to the need to take increased precautions in the fight against the corona virus.

"I call on all workers in Israel to get vaccinated and vaccinate their children and thus not endanger their friends", Said Hugh"The Histadrut, at the beginning of his remarks, "The disease is not fading and the economy cannot absorb this enormous damage. We continue to operate in a problematic period and still do not know where it is developing".

Bar-David called on employers and managers to find the right balance between safeguarding workers’ rights and the proper functioning of workplaces. He noted that "There are workplaces that have suffered a very severe blow and have barely recovered and are now suffering another blow, especially the airlines that in one day snatched all possible cancellations and stopped flights. I spoke with the Ministry of Finance and I see that there is an attempt to go with us in the world of aviation. Companies need to receive financial support and from it pay wages to employees. Happily, the Corona Flexibility Agreement has been extended until the end of 2022, and if we have to relocate the public sector to work in capsules we are prepared for that while maintaining the occupational safety of workers. The Histadrut will provide a safety net until the end of next year. The agreement has all the solutions and that is very important".

US"The Histadrut also referred to the package deal, noting that "Inside the deal is a corona box designed to treat weakened sectors that have been neglected and untreated for years. Agreements were signed with social workers, laboratory workers, health professionals and employees of the Clalit Health Services Administration and Economy. There are agreements on the way with meter workers"A. State administration and economy workers, radiologists and assistants in kindergartens and schools in regular and special education, who receive low wages for unclear working hours. We understand the immense importance of the assistants, are committed to them and we will take care of them".

Bar-David also referred to the retired population and noted that "We understand the needs of retirees on issues like welfare, culture and sports. The home of workers in Israel will always continue to be the home of retirees in Israel. We have invested and we continue to invest tens of millions in retirement clubs. They can join our various and varied clubs and enjoy benefits. We are also promoting a move to attach accruing pension retirees in the civil service and authorities to various non-profit organizations".

On the subject of the minimum wage, Hugh"The Histadrut has called on employers to raise wages to NIS 6,000 a month for the sake of the workers and to keep the jobs stable.

At the end of his speech, Bar-David referred to the rising violence in Israeli society, and said that "Violence is almost everywhere, affecting medical staff, bus drivers and many others. Israeli society is becoming more violent. We need to stop the violence and warn everyone who needs it. It is impossible to continue like this".

Photo. Histadrut spokeswoman and Ministry of Finance spokeswoman

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