"A Jewish warrior": President attended a book launch event named after his father

President Yitzhak Herzog participated today (Wednesday) in the book launch event "A Jewish warrior", In the name of his father, the sixth President of the State of Israel, Haim Herzog z"To. The book is a comprehensive historical study conducted by journalist Shlomo Nakdimon, which was based on original documents. The writing was completed by Haim Herzog’s son, Michael Herzog, and editor Shlomi Haski. The book is being published ahead of the inauguration of the Jewish Warrior Museum in World War II, located in Latrun.

The President opened his remarks on his father’s biography and said: "The autobiographical book "Way of Life" He signed as follows: "I was privileged to see the Jewish people emerge from the terrifying depths of the Holocaust and soar to the heights of the sovereign State of Israel, in the Land of Israel". This book we are launching today, "Jewish fighter Chaim Herzog – soldier and commander", Tells exactly this story between the Holocaust and the uprising. Between death and life. Between Bergen-Belsen and Israel and Jerusalem. He tells the story of my father’s heroism, he tells the story of a country and a people."

The president added: "Dad was one of those over one and a half million Jews who fought against the Nazi oppressor. He landed in Normandy, and reached as far as the capture of Heinrich Himmler, he was among the first Allied forces to cross the Rhine. He was present at the entry of German forces into northwestern Europe and he participated in the liberation of the Bergen-Belsen concentration camp. To this day, I meet Holocaust survivors who tell me about this moment when my father got up in a box and spoke in Yiddish to tell them that he was a Jewish officer from Eretz Israel because they thought he was a Nazi impostor."

"Forty years later, it was Dad’s first state visit to Germany, this time as the sixth President of the State of Israel. President of the independent and steadfast free Jewish state. He opened his speech in Bergen-Belsen as follows: "I was here for the first time forty-two years ago… I have now come again, as President of the State of Israel, the independent Jewish state, in the opinion of its sovereign government, to testify before you that the eternity of Israel will not lie and that the people of Israel are alive! Do not forgive me and do not forget only the dead have the right to forgive, and life has no right to forget. In the name of the people of Israel, in the name of the State of Israel, I swear in your memory that forever we will be faithful to the order you gave us: the order of life".

Dad never took off his Jewish warrior uniform. And the story will be immortalized in a museum, this museum will be a fascinating museum and we expect it to tell the story of the Jewish warrior in World War II from generation to generation, " The President signed.

Photo: Kobi Gideon

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