A plea agreement was reached with Deri: he will plead guilty and be convicted of tax offenses – and will pay a fine of 180,000 shekels"H

A plea agreement was signed today (Wednesday) between the State Attorney’s Office and Hugh"ר ש"S. Aryeh Deri, in the framework of which h"Deri will plead guilty to two offenses of non-reporting and will pay a fine of NIS 180,000. Not within the framework of the plea agreement, Deri undertook to resign immediately from the Knesset. However, the prosecution did not commit to giving up disgrace if Deri returned to political life, the Ynet website reported.

The Movement for the Quality of Government attacked the plea agreement: “Hours after we asked the ombudsman to reconsider the details of the mitigating arrangement published in the media, we were informed of the signing of the arrangement. It is a shameful plea deal but it is not too late to demand disgrace for Deri’s actions so that he can not return to the public arena. Enough with the celeb assumptions. Precisely because Deri was elected by the public – also in terms of values, he must get worse with him and make sure that he will not be able to serve in the Knesset again in the future. We must be disgraced. ‘

archives. Photo: Yaakov Cohen, spokeswoman for S."S

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