An indictment was filed against a taxi driver who during his work sold drugs to a police officer

The Tel Aviv District Attorney’s Office (Criminal) today (Wednesday) filed an indictment in the city district court against Uziel Nahari, 43, from Netanya, for drug offenses. This is after in the course of his work as a taxi driver, he sold the policeman six bottles containing a GBL drug (which is also used as a rape drug). In addition, MDMA and methamphetamine were also found in the taxi.

The facts of the indictment, filed by attorney Michael Cohen, indicate that the defendant who worked as a taxi driver received drugs for the purpose of selling them for a fee. During November, the defendant was instructed to come to one of the streets in Tel Aviv and sell to SAA six vials containing a dangerous drug of the GBL type in exchange for an amount of NIS 9,600."H. When the defendant arrived at the scene he called SA, who could not answer because he was detained by police (in other circumstances), and one of the police officers answered the call instead.

The defendant asked the person who thought he was SA to come to him for the purpose of making the transaction and the policeman complied with his request and got into a taxi, so the defendant demanded payment from the policeman and handed him a bag containing six vials containing a GBL drug with a total volume of 235 m."To. At this point the defendant was arrested. At the time, the defendant was in possession of a taxi of dangerous drugs such as MDMA, methamphetamine and other GBL bottles.

Defendant was charged with possession of a dangerous drug not for personal consumption and attempting to trade in a dangerous drug.

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