An indictment was filed against SA"To Dan Sharoni for invasion of privacy and indecent acts

The military prosecution filed an indictment today (Wednesday) in the special military tribunal in the case of Lt. Col. Dan Sharoni. The indictment attributes to the officer, among other things, a series of offenses involving invasion of privacy, indecent acts and unlawful intrusion into computer material.

Upon filing the indictment, the prosecution sought to extend his detention until the end of the legal proceedings in his case. At the request of the defense, the Special Court extended the officer’s detention, at this stage, until January 4, 2022.

This is a TZ"To reported that "Tse"L. takes the officer’s actions seriously, like any other sexual assault, and will continue to work to eradicate the phenomenon from its ranks, while accompanying victims and victims of crime."

Illustration. Photo: freeimages

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