Bnei Brak: Family members left an event, the baby was accidentally locked in a car – and rescued safely by"’Friends’ volunteers

A one-year-old baby was accidentally locked last night (Tuesday) in a car in front of his family, in the parking lot of the Armonot Chen ballroom, in Bnei Brak. Bnei Brak branch volunteers, Eliyahu Bernstein, Daniel Sultan, Benjamin Fischel and Michael Zioni, responded to the call and arrived quickly. Using the equipment in their possession, the volunteers rescued the baby, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Elijah relates: "I was on duty with Hess"M on the way to another event, and we immediately drove to the venue. The parking lot was dark and there was commotion and noise all around. We hurriedly opened the door and rescued the baby to the family. His excited mother thanked us in tears and said ‘You saved my child’. A sense of satisfaction and excitement. The investigation of the case shows that while the family was getting organized, after an event in the celebration hall, someone closed the door and the vehicle was locked with the key on the seat.".

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the car key and not give it to children.

Photo: Friends

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