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The new lingerie brand – Celia Dee, which recently started offering its items to Israeli women, guarantees quality, comfort and also fair prices and most importantly – the option to make the purchase online, without having to leave the house. The brand’s website offers a wide selection of items, some of the hottest trends in this world. Celia Dee makes a real revolution and brings us the best to the house.

Adaptation to the female cut, comfort and quality

The new lingerie brand – Celia Dee, The brand that has made aliyah, brings with it everything we need to feel good about ourselves, and especially so that we can achieve it without breaking a savings plan:

  1. fair price – From today we do not have to pay so much money for bras, underwear and other lingerie items and we can enjoy quality products, which will accompany us for years. All the products are sold to us online and without brokerage gaps: bras in a variety of models, underwear for women in various designs and more. Celia Di’s Sale category helps save costs, and offers items at affordable bargain prices. For example: Soft Cup bras without irons for only NIS 50, a pair of hipster underwear for NIS 29 instead of NIS 49 and other products that are updated on the website at all times.
  2. perfect match Celia Day’s items, designed in faraway Australia, fit the female cut and compliment her. It is important for all of us to be comfortable and all the more so when we are in motion most of the day. Thanks to these items we can feel more free and enjoy a perfect fit of a bottom or bra.
  3. High Quality – High level of quality and uncompromising comfort are the keywords here. All of Celia Di’s items are part of a very rigorous production process, which includes quality control and meeting particularly high criteria.

Find exactly what fits

The name of the brand was chosen in light of the close and deep connection with their mother, the owners of the company, whose main values ​​are based on the values ​​of the beautiful woman and are reflected in each of the items offered on the site. In the bras section, there are: basic bras without irons, quality and comfortable sports bras, T-shirt bras, lace bras and more. In the underwear segment, we are offered a variety of models, such as: thong underwear, bikini, Brazilian underwear, hipster and also Sculptors. They all come in a variety of great colors, like gray, pink, brown, green, white and even mobile. The sizes are varied and allow everyone to enjoy a suitable item that is comfortable on the body and also pleasant.

Basilia quite assures us high quality, fair prices and also available customer service. Comparing the different products presented to us on the site will help us locate the item that is right for us and also gather all the data we need to make it convenient for us. The online store staff is available to the site’s customers from Sunday to Thursday from 09:00 in the morning until 19:00 in the evening and is available to answer any questions and assist with any matter and request.

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