Clalit HMO: 20% increase in demand for corona tests

Clalit Health Fund reports that there has been a 20% increase in demand for corona tests in the last two days. In light of the increase in demand, the HMO is condensing the sampling complexes at points where an outbreak of corona cases has been recorded. Clalit operates about 90 sampling complexes throughout the country, in addition to the Peka complexes"R. About 81,000 children aged 5-11 have been vaccinated so far in Corona.

In view of the fear of a widespread outbreak of the Omicron strain, Clalit is repeatedly calling on the public: "Come and get vaccinated – children, young people and adults who have not yet been vaccinated and those who have not yet completed the third vaccine dose. The vaccine is effective, the vaccine is the tool we have to deal with the epidemic. Also, be sure to wear a mask pen and avoid crowds."

archives. Photo: Sofia Israel Spokeswoman

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