Ma’ale Adumim: A one-year-old toddler was locked in a car and rescued safely by “Friends” volunteers

A call was received today (Wednesday) at the center of the “Friends” organization, and a one-year-old Todd, who was accidentally locked in a car in front of his mother on Tzemach Hasadeh Street in Ma’ale Adumim. Yishai Atiya, Seg"From the Jerusalem Center, he responded to the call quickly and with the dedicated equipment in his possession, rescued the baby safely, without causing any damage to the vehicle.

Yishai describes: "I was at home while I was a virtual guide to new call centers to give an answer at the call center. In one of the calls, the caller writes to me, this is an emergency call! I calmed him down and gave him immediate guidance on what details to take. He gives an address and I find out it’s on my street. I immediately went out to the place and saw the mother waiting next to the vehicle under terrible pressure. In about 30 seconds I opened the vehicle and the child was rescued healthy and intact."

Photo: ‘Friends’

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the key with them at every entrance and exit of the vehicle so that it does not lock up when the child is alone. • In the event of a lock, contact Friends Center immediately: 1230 without a star.

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