Ministry of Environmental Protection v. Rotem Ampert: A safety mechanism for rehabilitating waste damage has been imposed on the company

Knesset Finance Committee, headed by Ha"Alex Kushnir today (Wednesday) approved a security mechanism for the restoration of the industrial waste damage of Rotem Ampert of the Israel Chemicals Group, which has been piled up for decades and has reached a huge amount of 100 million"K, and pollutes the land and water sources in the area – as a condition for granting the state concession to continue mining phosphates.

Minister of Environmental Protection, Tamar Zandberg: "We at the Ministry of Environmental Protection have succeeded in leading to the creation of a precedent-setting safety mechanism for the restoration of historical past damages on a huge scale, to ensure that these costs are not borne by the public, and to anchor the ‘polluter pays’ principle. We will continue to ensure that the area in which Rotem Ampert operates is located in the country upon completion of mining in such a way that it will not leave long-term environmental damage.".

CEO"Ministry of Environmental Protection, Galit Cohen: "Together with the Accountant General of the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Energy, we were led to assume that the enormous risk as a result of the non-rehabilitation of industrial waste would be placed on the shoulders of those who created the risk – Rotem Ampert and the parent company"To, and not on the environment and the public".

archives. Photo: Knesset website

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