Ofakim: An eight-month-old baby was locked in a car and shirt in peace

A call was received today (Wednesday) at the “Friends” organization hotline, about an eight-month-old baby who was accidentally locked in a car in front of her mother on Eli Cohen Street in Ofakim. The drives of the organization’s city branch, responded to the call quickly and using the dedicated equipment in their possession rescued the baby safely, without causing damage to the vehicle.

Aharon, one of the “Friends” volunteers who came to the rescue, said: "The mother put the baby in the car seat and gave her the car keys as employment. When she went to the driver’s door, the vehicle locked. I arrived at the scene and together with the other drives I rescued quickly and safely. It moved me to know that Israel had given up an appointment with a dentist to come and rescue. The mother found no words to thank us. Great fun".

Photo: ‘Friends’

Friends repeatedly call on parents to carry the key with them at every entrance and exit of the vehicle so that it does not lock up when the child is alone. • In the event of a lock, contact Friends Center immediately: 1230 without a star.

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