Rabsh"The settlement of Anatot was suspended: "The lawlessness of the lives of the inhabitants"

About ten days ago, the border guard guarded Rabash"The settlement of Anatot in Binyamin, near Jerusalem, until the completion of his police investigation into an incident in which he used weapons as part of a friction with Arabs during his tenure.

Suspension of the rabbit"It was done unilaterally without notifying the regional council or locality and probably not even the army. Meg"B. did not take care of any other alternative and left the locality where 450 families live exposed to security threats.

The head of the regional council, Benjamin Israel Gantz, says that it is not possible for anyone who trusts the security of the residents to abandon them in this way in a negligent manner. The current conduct is not acceptable by any standard. Take Rabsh"C. from a locality as if its presence has no meaning, and as if there are no security threats in the area on a daily basis. We demand that the situation be rectified immediately and that basic security be met"

Ganz says that the basis for this serious failure is the fact that about 13 years ago, the security responsibility in the localities that were defined as the Jerusalem Envelope passed to Mag"B and were removed from Tse responsibility"To. This thing just does not work and creates security glitches in the field. Meg"In excellent in his day-to-day tasks. Responsibility for local security is not one of them. Already in the previous government I talked to Hamel"And I was warned of a serious gap that could rise in human life".

Doveb Farr, US"R. Anatot’s Security Committee says that "Meg’s serious decision"B. left us, thousands of residents of Anatot without basic security. There are children, women and adults here who need security protection according to the rules set by the security system. The level of concern in the locality has risen sharply in recent days. As a man who deals with security, I can say that the settlement is now broken and unsafe. If God forbid something happens and someone pays with his life they will remember to deal with failure. They better take care of him now".

The Binyamin Council says that in addition to the serious problem of abandoning the settlement of Anatot, there are a number of other settlements in the council that are defined as the Jerusalem Envelope in which security must return to the IDF."To more appropriate to hold security in this space. "The serious failures in the current perception of security in those localities continue and no one takes responsibility. Hopefully someone will wake up before a disaster comes".

Photo: Ella Bass

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