Suspicion: Three residents of Jisr a-Zarqa shot at civilians – and a brother"About cops

During an investigation conducted at the police station in Jisr a-Zarqa and involving the use of various means, the station’s detectives noticed three suspects firing on other civilians in the village. During the police attempt to arrest them, one of the suspects fired at the detectives who began the chase after them. In both cases there were no casualties.

The three suspects, residents aged 16-21, were arrested shortly afterwards and their detention was extended from time to time.

As the investigation conducted at the Gesher A. Zarqa police station progressed, a prosecutor’s statement was filed this morning (Wednesday) against the three suspects in the Hadera court.

The police said: "The Israel Police continues its initiated activity against elements who constitute criminals in their place of residence and thereby endanger the lives of civilians."

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