The Chief of Staff"To stellar critics: "’The best for cyber’? Mistake – the good ones are first and foremost the warriors"

The Chief of Staff"To Aviv Kochavi, he spoke today (Wednesday) during a parade of 183 wings at the Air Force base in Hatzerim. Ben Hita said the chief of staff"To that "A huge sign is currently being placed in Herzliya and it says – ‘The best for cyber’. No no, that’s a mistake. The message embodied in the sign is deeper than it may seem, and it reflects. Loss of value and impairment of values ​​in some of the population. The message is sometimes said with humor, sometimes. In cynicism and sometimes in deeds, and it permeates and weakens the foundations of society and the priorities it needs. The good ones are first and foremost the warriors. Cyber ​​has a lot of potential, and it probably makes a lot of money, and the people who go there are talented, but the good ones are measured first and foremost by their willingness to contribute to the country, the good ones are measured by their willingness to risk their lives to protect other people.".

The Chief of Staff"To the stars stressed that "This is the clearest and purest expression of the concept of the good, and do not dare to take it from us, and do not dare to play it. Do not pass it on to modernization processes and do not force it to conform to the so-called spirit of the period. The good ones – this is a value over time, which stands as a cliff that is not eroded in the face of fashions, trends and social changes. The good ones are the ones who do something for someone. Something good, important and valuable, and without asking what I get out of it. A country that deals with many threats and in six arenas at the same time, knows how to appreciate and cherish first of all the operational unit units and its fighters, and knows how to say out loud – the good fighters. Corporate executives and decent and value-based business owners, who enjoy the confidence they have"To and his warriors provide for them, they are the ones who remember who are the good ones who should be cherished and appreciated.

The Chief of Staff"To added that "Tse"Prevents terrorist attacks inland and along its borders on a daily basis, and works to destroy threats all over the Middle East around the clock. It is worth remembering that dozens of arrests and counterterrorism operations are carried out every night to prevent such attacks in advance. Every such activity involves sophisticated intelligence, high color abilities and a determined spirit of the warriors".

Photo: Ministry of Defense spokeswoman

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