The effort to stop the omicron: Vaccine complexes have opened in the Azrieli and Ofer malls

The Corona sign in the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Azrieli and Ofer (Melisron) malls chain, is launching a large-scale immunization operation for the entire population. As part of the operation in the malls, complexes will be opened today (Wednesday) to the general public in order to make the vaccines accessible. The vaccination complexes in the malls will operate from 11:00 to 20:00. No prior arrangement required.

The vaccination campaign in the malls is part of the national plan "Israel is getting vaccinated" It is led by the Ministry of Health in coordination with the Ministry of Education, hospitals, health funds, local authorities and the Home Front Command, in order to make vaccines accessible to the entire population.

The plan includes four channels of action:

• Continued vaccinations at the health funds

• Vaccinations in schools p"Student Health Services Nurses and Government Immunization Mobility"T. Corona.

• Immunization complexes at key points in local authorities led by local government.

• Regular immunization stations in malls led by Mashal"T. Corona.

The Ministry of Health stated: "Due to the increase in morbidity and the emergence of the Omicron variant, the Ministry of Health is calling on the public to come out and get vaccinated against the corona virus – the vaccine saves lives!"

archives. Photo: Ramb Medical Campus"M

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