The Histadrut’s budget for 2022 in the amount of NIS 839 million was approved

The Histadrut leadership today (Wednesday) approved the Histadrut budget for 2022. The budget, amounting to NIS 839 million, was built with the aim of strengthening the activities of the trade unions against the background of the crisis in the economy and the economic effects of the Corona. In addition, the budget – which is innovative and modern in its composition – includes, among other things, increasing activity in the public space, investing in infrastructure in service providers, improving the service to members and strengthening the training and education system.

In formulating the budget for the coming year, special emphasis was placed on the activities of the various divisions and support for the various organizations operated by the Histadrut. Among the issues that received special expression in the budget: increased activity in the trade union wing with the intention of increasing the number of Histadrut members; Activities in the public space and support for social struggles; Funding for vocational training; Providing assistance to Histadrut members in distress following the Corona crisis; Encouraging higher education as part of a program "Learn and progress"; Improving and expanding subsidized services for the well-being of the member through a club "Together for you" And a club "Healthy workers". In addition, the budget for 2022 also includes special consideration for the needs of the members of the Pensioners’ Federation, to make the Histadrut"Green organization" And for the continued activity of the Division for International Relations with the aim of being part of global processes related to the labor market.

The budget was built and submitted for leadership approval by the VP"To the funds in the Histadrut, Ro"Gil Elmelech, Director of the Economy and Finance Division, Meir Al-Persi, and the staff of the Finance Division, and he was approved by the Histadrut House of Representatives.

US"Histadrut Rabbi Arnon Bar-David: "The approved budget expresses the spirit of the Histadrut and its activities. We have devoted resources not only to the activities of the divisions and unions but also to new products that give members added value. The Histadrut operates transparently and in accordance with the law, and is the only association that submitted all the documents to the Registrar of Associations. We lead a financially strong Histadrut – both with reserves and with transparent conduct."

In addition, Bar David said: "Should be proud of our power. We do not know what will happen with the continuation of the corona plague, and we are prepared for a black day. To this end we act frugally and yet know that human resource is the most important thing. All this, in order to provide a service to the members of the Histadrut, to sign collective agreements and to treat the worker in the country from all walks of life. Even through aid packages for those in need through the aid fund we have set up. I want to thank Roe"H. Elmelech and everyone who had confidence in the detailed budget that meets everyone’s needs. The Histadrut is leading Israeli society forward. I am proud of this house and the budget is a pride for all of us".

VP"To the funds in the Histadrut Ro"H. Gil Elmelech: "It’s a budget that gives in line. The budget means that the Histadrut provides its members with a complete package and a basket of products: from consumerism, through culture, insurance and health, education and enrichment, to financial and pension support and advice.".

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