The Minister of Education on the allegations regarding the denial of the virus on her part: "False statements by H."Kim from the Likud"

The Knesset plenum today (Wednesday) rejected Ha’s proposal"As Ofir Katz in the matter "The need for the establishment of a parliamentary inquiry committee on suspicion of concealing corona morbidity data by the Minister of Education". In a Semitic vote, 50 MKs supported the proposal, compared to 56 who opposed it.

The explanatory memorandum to the proposal reads: "Recently, there have been reports that the Minister of Education has concealed morbidity data and data on outbreaks of corona virus in schools and prevented their delivery to the Prime Minister’s Office. This is a serious matter, as it concerns the health of our child. It is mandatory to check whether data has actually been hidden and to what extent."

Ha"About Ofir Katz added: "The publications about hiding information are serious and cannot go on the agenda. It needs to be examined whether there were indeed and to what extent. The corona kills, the corona has no mercy, and it is inconceivable that decision makers will not have all the required data. In our child’s health there is no place for angular agendas".

In a moist reaction"About Ofir Katz, the Minister of Education said: "The amulet came out of the sack. This is an orchestrated propaganda campaign that has not been stopped by the Likud and its leader since the election period. Corona data cannot be hidden because the person who receives them and transfers them to the Ministry of Education and the Home Front Command is the Ministry of Health. Every morning, there is a situation-cutting meeting with the Prime Minister, the Ministry of Health, and the Home Front Command. Every local authority has a dashboard to which the head of the authority receives all the morbidity data of his locality, in an open and transparent manner. The reports of hiding the data were reports from anonymous sources, however, the CEO came out"To the outgoing and explicitly said that there had never been such a thing, he shrugged off these reports and said that he signed all the reports and data that passed every morning, and declared them credible".

Shasha Bitton added: "The false statements about Corona’s denial on the part of H."Kim from the Likud – I do not wish neither them, nor their relatives, nor anyone in their Mishkan, to pay the heavy price and personal loss I paid for this damn disease. But this is a campaign, and the false campaign that you are echoing about vaccines is a flower crow. The Ministry of Education has been open to vaccines since the government decided to do so. The Ministry of Health stores according to the manpower that reaches the schools, and with the consent of the parents. In the last week there have been 50 vehicles that have been successfully vaccinated, mainly in the Arab sector. If there were more mobility, there would be more vaccinators."

Finally, the Minister of Education said: "Throughout the corona period, both in the previous government and today, I spoke in favor of living alongside the corona, because even then, I reiterated that we are going for a long period in which the corona will be here. The Corona will stay here and we need to see how people live next to it, because closure eliminates the economy, commerce, business owners, and today as Minister of Education I have one role: to protect the children in the State of Israel. Make sure they have a routine and stability within the schools. When you sent them home for a year and a half, the kids crashed. We got them into a dismantled system with an increase in distress and eating disorders, violence is rampant because the kids have broken up from everything they knew before and I am fighting tooth and nail to stay in school. I fought for the start of the school year and was warned that the morbidity would go up, did any of this happen? No. I fought for a green class and to avoid isolation, today everyone understands the importance of it. It is important to reduce the socio-emotional gaps as well as the studies, and that is what we do".

archives. Photo: Jonathan Samia, Spokeswoman for the Knesset

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