The Rosh Yeshivat Chumash was arrested on suspicion of violating the Disengagement Law – and was released

The head of the Yeshivat Chumash, Rabbi Elishama Cohen, was arrested today (Wednesday) on suspicion of violating the Disengagement Law. After the intervention of the head of the Samaria Council, Yossi Dagan, the head of the yeshiva was released from custody, and it was agreed that the head of the yeshiva would arrive after the swearing-in of Yehuda Dimentman."D. for investigation on suspicion of violating the Disengagement Law – and will not be arrested.

The Religious Zionist Party stated: "A dangerous government that makes political arrests. Yeshivat Chumash has been operating there for nearly 15 years. The head of the yeshiva, Rabbi Elishama Cohen, is there every day, and has not been arrested. As part of the government’s decision to eliminate the Chumash Yeshiva in response to the attack in which Yehuda Dimentman Hi was assassinated"To give a prize to terrorism, the police were sent today to persecute Rabbi Cohen, arrest him and deter him and the yeshiva students and their supporters. They will not scare us. We call on the masses of Beit Yisrael to arrive tomorrow and march with the family of Yehuda Hi"D. In the demand for the regulation of the yeshiva in Chumash."

Evacuation of the yeshiva in Chumash
Photo: Yeshivat Chumash

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