Transport Minister Michaeli: "Unfortunately, there are difficulties in evacuating the central bus station in Tel Aviv"

The Knesset’s Economics Committee, headed by h"This morning (Wednesday), Michael Bitton received the report of the Minister of Transportation and Road Safety, H."As Merav Michaeli, on the activities of her office. Minister Michaeli opened the meeting with a review of the ministry’s work, and said that 80 percent of the budget increase will be invested in public transportation. She added that the ministry has spent only NIS 200 million on public transportation in the last decade, and in the next five years is going to invest NIS 2 billion in it.

The Minister also said that the operational queue at the ports has been significantly shortened and that the most significant challenge now is to maintain the Israeli aviation industry. The corona crisis is hurting aviation, Minister Michaeli said: "And I ask for support for the urgent need to support our airlines. British Airways has stopped flights to Israel, who will return the Israelis and Israelis from London? We can not and can not afford to be without a strong and functioning Israeli aviation. The damage is fatal and the Treasury insists on irrelevant passwords. I would be happy for your help in an unequivocal appeal to the Prime Minister, who accepts this view but certainly to the Ministry of Finance and the Minister of Finance, to explain to them that it is impossible to continue with this outline of loans because loans have to be repaid and a company can not take when it does not know it can be repaid".

there were"Rabbi Bitton opened by asking questions to Sarah Michaeli, and said that the committee demanded to examine the situation of the National Road Safety Authority (Ralev"D). He also asked for answers about the ports and the opening of docks 7-8 at the Haifa port and the fuel terminal, as well as about the train station in the Hefer Valley and the prevention of forgetting children in the car and installing life-saving safety measures in old vehicles.

H"As Boaz Toporovki, Hugh"The subcommittee of the Road Safety Economics Committee asked if there would be a multi-year plan to deal with road accidents and when he would be CEO"To Vio"R. Larlev"D. Deputy Minister Avir Kara said the idea of ​​charging for the installation of child forgetting systems should be dropped. H"Limor Magen Telem asked for answers about the disconnection of the city of Haifa from the center, against the background of the cessation of public transportation activities in the evenings and on weekends. H"The Keren Barak also asked about this, and asked to inform the public that there is no green light on public transportation and domestic flights.

H"About Osama Saadi said that one should invest in road safety care in Arab society as well as in public transport. H"About Simon Davidson said that those who do not have a car can not get from Netanya and Emek Hefer to the Tel Aviv area on Saturday. H"Michal Waldiger raised the issue of dilapidated road infrastructure in Judea and Samaria, and h"Yael Ron Ben Moshe asked about the cancellation of the planning of Road Six to the north and about collection problems on toll roads.

H"As Yurai Lahav Herzno asked about the evacuation of the central bus station in Tel Aviv and the accessibility of public transportation for people with special needs. H"About Moshe Abutbul addressed the issue of Shabbat and said that public transportation on Shabbat is prohibited by law, and said that the abolition of multi-line discount arrangements will lead to a significant price increase that will not encourage the use of public transportation. H"Alon Tal noted that the Ministry of Transportation’s information website on public transportation activities is not working.

Minister Michaeli answered some of the questions and said that no decision had been made to cancel the extension of Highway Six to the north, and that planning would be advanced. As for public transportation on Shabbat, the minister referred to line 42, saying that it passes through a rural area where there is a non-Jewish population that is not right to be denied freedom of movement on Shabbat. H"About Abutbul claimed that the minister was answering what was convenient for her, and the minister replied that this was the request she had received.

Regarding the central bus station in Tel Aviv, Minister Michaeli said: "I accelerated the work to make it happen, unfortunately we encounter difficulties that are not up to us and do everything to make it happen, I did not give up".

CEO"The Ministry of Transportation, Michal Frank, referred to the appointment of Avi Naor Liu"R. Harlev"D, and said that it is expected to take effect within about a month, adding: "We are trying to strengthen the leadership and stand behind it, we have announced a joint working team with the Ministry of Internal Security".

As for the ports, Frank said: "There is no doubt that the main problem is in the grains and grains, the containers is less of a problem that it will soon disappear. The problem is not in the docks". there were"R. Bitton responded that there are docks that can pass and it is not clear why to stop it. Frank replied that a platform without workers is a parking lot, and the great hope is in opening up competition between the private sector and government companies, which she defined as"A very big challenge".

there were"R. Bitton reiterated his demand for immediate budget increases for Ralev"D., and Frank replied: "There are no surpluses, these days we have added NIS 8 million to the Road Guards program with your encouragement". there were"R. Bitton responded to this and said: "This is a beautiful and good decision, but out of NIS 37 billion, it would have been possible to be more attentive to the request of the Economics Committee". He also requested that if budget transfers from the Ministry of Transportation are approved by the Finance Committee, which will not be approved until a few tens of millions of shekels more are transferred to road safety.

At the end of the discussion, Minister Michaeli added that the ministry will provide a written answer to all other questions, and there were"R. Bitton concluded by saying: The Minister was given a difficult task and the days of grace passed. A revolution in transportation does not happen in two days. It takes a year in small projects and up to a decade in large projects. The budget proposal is good, the scope of investments and prioritization is correct and the test is in progress. We were not satisfied with the budget allocation to Relev"D and not let go of the issue. We will also examine in this budget the budget shift of end-of-year balances and reinforcement to Ralev"D and now give her a shot of vigor. Then do a thorough thinking because the situation is not so good in this area".

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman, Danny Shem Tov

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