"You’re on the assassination list": H"About Ben Gvir presented threats directed at him

H"Itamar Ben Gvir presented today (Wednesday) explicit threats to his life that were sent to him on social media and WhatsApp messages recently, against the background of the documentation from which he allegedly appeared last night with a gun drawn on Arab security guards in the exhibition grounds.

The documents that Ben Gvir presented stated, among other things, that he was in"Assassination list", "His time is running out", And that "His legs will be broken". It was also written about Ben Gvir: "Be a man and walk alone tomorrow and see if you get home", "Bibi and Ben Gvir have to hang on the tallest tree", "Come and take care of you", And"You are no stronger than Rehavam Zeevi, there is no shortage of Bedouin suicide bombers".

H"About Ben Gvir had previously approached the Knesset officer and the commander"To the police, Kobi Shabtai, please open an investigation against sources who he claims have released an inciting video against him. The video used a picture of Ben Gvir and said "His blood in his head, whoever comes to the Temple Mount will come with a shroud. His fate is like Judah Glick". Following the threats against him, Ben Gvir received a weapon from the Knesset.

H"Ben Gvir said that: "These are just some of the threats against me, and I am sure that if I had been a Knesset member from the coalition, I would have received close security. All those who criticize today that I defended myself with the weapon, were silent when Ayman Odeh attacked me and when stones were thrown at me in the north, and were happy that I would hit".

B’Tselem reports: "Yesterday, Israeli citizens were exposed to a serious incident in which a Knesset member in Israel was attacked and forced to defend his life. This morning it was announced that the person who confirmed it was damp"As Ben Gvir weapons and even armed him it is the Knesset officer himself following threats on his life. Following this, Shai Glick sent a CEO"To B’Tselem a letter of demand to Liu"The Knesset and the Knesset officer immediately attached a security guard to Ben Gvir".

In his letter, Glick emphasizes that "The relevant security officials themselves admit that there is a real threat to Ben Gvir’s life. The reality in which a public is elected is the one that protects its life is an illusory reality that severely harms Israeli democracy and constitutes a risk to human life. The writing on the wall is screaming and in red."

From the documentation that was distributed

From the documentation that was distributed

From the documentation that was distributed

Photo: Knesset Spokeswoman

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