A Ramallah resident suspected of trying to drown his wife, pouring acid on her face – and arrested for attempted attack

Police have completed the interrogation of a Palestinian resident of Ramallah on suspicion of attempting to carry out a stabbing attack at a checkpoint near Jerusalem. The police investigation revealed that a few days earlier, the suspect had tried to harm and drown his wife and later even poured acid on her face. An indictment will be filed against him today for his actions in the military tribunal.

On the morning of December 1, the suspect arrived by car at the Al Jib checkpoint with the intention of carrying out an attack on the police with a knife. During his check by Border Police officers, the suspect suddenly got out of the vehicle and began advancing towards the policeman at the position while rummaging through his coat in a way that aroused suspicion. He then stood in front of the policeman and the security guard on the spot with the knife waved in his hand and after piercing their weapons, the suspect threw the knife and was stopped by them.

The Jerusalem District Commander, Superintendent Doron Turgeman, arrived at the scene and after conducting an assessment of the situation, imposed the investigation on the central unit of the Jerusalem District.

The arrested suspect was taken for questioning on the day"R. Jerusalem and during it came up while gathering evidence that a few days before he tried to carry out the attack at the checkpoint, the suspect used severe violence against his wife while they were at the Dead Sea. There he allegedly tried to drown her without success, apparently in light of passers-by who were nearby.

The police investigation also shows that later on, on their way to their home in Ramallah, the suspect poured acidic substance on the face of his wife who escaped from the vehicle and quickly washed her face using water given to her by a passerby.

In recent days, investigators from the Jerusalem District Central Unit have completed the investigation of the suspect, a Ramallah resident in his 40s, in an attempted attack and violence against his wife earlier. After a prosecutor’s statement was filed in the military court earlier this week, today the military prosecutor’s office is expected to file an indictment against him.

A photo from the checkpoint, shortly after the suspect was arrested. Photo: Police spokeswoman
A photo from the checkpoint, shortly after the suspect was arrested. Photo: Police spokeswoman

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